01 Cwmtydu to New Quay Walk - 3.34 miles



Starting at the car park at Cwmtydu beach in front of the sea wall, head up the marked coastal path.  Steep climb at first, but levels out along the top path.  Just before the mile marker you head down to almost sea level again.  Over the footbridge and back up again. 

Views just get better and better as you get high.  Again at the 2 mile marker, head though the yellow flower gorse. great to see flowers in January when I walked the walk.  Across some green field, getting ready to head down to New Quay town.  Heading down is very steep, with some large steps down. 

You pop out near some homes, head down the road to the main car park.  3.3 miles is great length for most people.  Do not be put of the steep start, weather you start at New Quay and head west or head east like I did both start are steep, but no to hard once at the top.


Please enjoy a few photos of my walk you the gallery and maps.